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Sport Tactics

Committee Guidance

Committee members, the group of people who manage a club’s affairs, are a critical component of any thriving athletics club. A club’s success is largely down to the work of its committee who exist to serve the club and to ensure that its members receive the best possible service and experiences.

What does a committee member do?

The Management Committee of a sports club takes on the ultimate legal and financial responsibility for all the activities of the club. They maintain an overview of policy and strategic direction rather than being involved in day-to-day operations. A committee will make decisions on behalf of the club and will take on duties to ensure everything runs smoothly. Although the way a management committee members’ role is described may vary according to the size and nature of the organisation, all committee members should be individually committed to:

  • Upholding the values and objectives of the club.

  • Giving adequate time and energy to the duties of being a committee member

  • Acting with integrity and avoiding personal conflicts of interest, or declaring these where they arise

As a committee member, you will make decisions as part of a collective group and hold joint responsibility for decisions and actions taken by the management committee, even in your absence, and will be responsible for ensuring that all decisions are taken in the best interests of the organisation and that the committee’s role is carried out effectively. This is a mandatory requirement of everyone on the committee.

Specific Guidance

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