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Regarding of the size of your club, insurance is essential to ensure you and your teams are properly protected. Sports insurance can include Public Liability, personal accident, loss of earnings and theft, loss or damage to your sports equipment.

Does our club need insurance?

It’s important to have specialist sports team insurance in place to ensure that every member of your team is protected in case of an accident or injury. Policies can be tailored to suit the needs of your team and you can pick from a range of cover options including; Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident, Loss of Earnings, Employers Liability and Sports Equipment cover. 

Public Liability

You give the go ahead to play or practice at a facility, a member of an opposing team gets injured and you’re held responsible because the facility is deemed to be unfit.

In this instance, public liability insurance would cover your club.

Personal Accident

During a team training session or match a player receives an injury requiring physio treatment.

This is covered under Personal Accident Insurance.

Professional Indemnity

One of the team coaches offers advice which leads to a player’s injury.

In this instance, Professional Indemnity Insurance protects your from legal action following advice given.

Sports Equipment

Team sports kit or equipment is damaged, lost or stolen.

This would be covered under Sports Equipment insurance.

If you’d like more information about insurance, get in touch today.

Partner Organisation - Insure4Sport

Insure4Sport offers specialist sports insurance for amateur sports teams covering over 60 different team based sports – from football to water polo to cheerleading. Their flexible sports team insurance policies are suitable for teams that meet regularly and play all year round, as well as groups that only get together every so often, or play abroad.

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