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Veo Cam is the ultimate camera for team sports. Record and live-stream your matches automatically and take your game a level up.

Today, Veo cam is out in more than 80 countries worldwide with Veo members having recorded more than half a million games.

Founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Veo’s vision is to democratise the sports video broadcasting and analytics that have traditionally only been available to professional teams.

Veo specialises in team sports recording and analysis, and its revolutionary camera uses artificial intelligence to cleverly film and piece together 180° footage captured by two 4k lenses.


Footage is uploaded to an innovative and user-friendly online platform and unique processing software presents a video that professionally pans and zooms in on the action. Users can tag other members, mark footage and cut their own highlights with export options available to share clips to a wider audience. 

Through Club Development Consultancy, you are entitled to a Veo Special Offer discount of 20% off. To activate this discount, simply click the button below and follow instructions to sign up.

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