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The Bill McLaren Foundation


The Bill McLaren Foundation aims to support individuals and organisations to actively promote and develop rugby union and its values, as personified by Bill McLaren and by providing opportunities for youngsters in other sports.

To achieve their aim they want to fund projects that meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • To support the development and promotion of the sport of rugby and its values within Hawick, Scotland and elsewhere.

  • To support and encourage sporting opportunities of all kinds for young people within Scotland and elsewhere

  • To advance education in sport of all kinds for the benefit of the public which will include an interpretative centre for the Bill McLaren Archive.

Geographical areas funded: UK

Fund type

Type of funding:Grant

Type of cost:Capital, Revenue

Fund award sizes

Minimum:£500Maximum:£5,000Annually awarded:£39,750Notes on award amounts:

Annual total and average from 2020 accounts. They only made one donation of £2,500 in 2021.

Who can apply

Voluntary and community organisations including registered and benevolent bodies, co-operatives, friendly societies, companies that are ‘not-for-profit’ businesses and sports clubs. Schools and individuals.

When to apply

The Directors will meet to discuss applications on a quarterly basis and you should expect to hear around 10 days after the discussions - generally held in July / October / January / April.

How to apply

Download an application form from the Foundation's website or contact them via email.


  • Activities that happen or start before the grant

  • Any costs you incur when putting together your application

  • Day to day running costs (for example utility bills, council tax, etc)

  • Loans and interest payments

  • Political or religious activities

  • Projects or opportunities that the state or national governing body has an obligation to provide

  • Routine repairs and maintenance

  • Activities directly related to professional sport

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