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Wooden Spoon


Funds projects that enhance and support the lives of children and young people (under the age of 25) who are disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially. They want you to work directly with children and young people and have a positive influence on their lives as a result of the activities or service provided.

If a project is for a physical, tangible asset of a permanent nature it must have a minimum predicted life span of five years (preferably ten), be non-transferable and of a permanent nature.

If a project is educational or disability sports-focused there must be a key rugby element to engage children and young people.

Geographical areas funded: UK

Fund type

Type of funding:Grant

Type of cost:Capital

Fund award sizes

Annually awarded:£1,400,000Notes on award amounts:

While there is neither a minimum nor maximum grant level, it is unlikely projects of a physical nature under £5,000 in value will have sufficient substance and scale to qualify under the “projected life span” criteria. Annual total and average for UK from 2020 accounts.

Who can apply

Organisations with a legal status. For example; schools, charities, and clubs.

If application approved they require a minimum of one new Wooden Spoon membership to be taken out by a representative of the applicant organisation for a period of 5 years.

When to apply

Applications can be made at any time.

How to apply

The first step is to complete an expression of wish form for an initial assessment. This can be found on the Wooden Spoon website. Once you have discussed your project, eligible organisations will be invited to apply. A copy of the application form can also be found on the website.


Grants will not be considered for salaries, administration costs, professional fees and on-going overheads related to a capital project.

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