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Direct Debit helps sports clubs and other membership based organisations to improve member retention and to reduce admin and is suitable for sports organisations of all sizes.

GoCardless is a service that facilitates these Direct Debit transactions. They provide businesses with a simple interface to manage and automate their payments, potentially improving their cash flow and customer retention.

Furthermore, GoCardless is user-friendly and customisable, emphasises security and compliance, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and holds ISO27001 certification. Customers can authorise a Direct Debit request with GoCardless through a straightforward process.

GoCardless helps membership organisations of all sizes – from local sports clubs to national organisations – to collect fees by Direct Debit. This provides three main benefits:

  1. Improve member retention by reducing payment failures

  2. Automatically increase fees when you need to

  3. Reduce membership and payment admin

Start taking payments with GoCardless using the Club Development Consultancy referral code (below) and GoCardless will give you £100 as a reward for collecting at least £500 of payments

Cut costs, not corners

Skip expensive card fees by collecting donations via bank payments. Without sacrificing ease of use, or speed.

Membership fees that don’t drop off

Cards expire, or get lost or stolen. Which means donations stop. With bank payments, you can keep them around.

Forget about failed payments

Card payments fail up to 15% of the time. GoCardless? Only 0.5-2.9% of the time.

Connect your existing software

Use our easy-to-use online dashboard, or connect GoCardless to the software you already use.

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